Business Analytics

Data Science Investments to Increase Focus
  • What key analyses support your decisions?
  • What infrastructure will accelerate research?
  • What analyses and visualizations best tell your story?
You need more from your data. I can help.


I develop plug and play analyses to support discovery and operational research:
  • Machine learning and multivariate analyses. Leverage your omics data and optimize your bioassays.
  • Predictive modeling to augment high-throughput screening programs. Hit-pick for performance at scale.
  • Experimental design (e.g., DOE), optimization and analysis.

From lab experiments to production scale. I can help.

Challenging Data & Workflows

I build custom plug and play analytical solutions:
  • Data processing, cleaning & reshaping
  • Exploratory analysis – Find the story in your complex, multivariate data
  • Customized R, python, and SQL scripts to manage your analytical workflows.

Automate and integrate your solutions. I can help.


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