Academic Publications


12. Schmerer, M., I. Molineux, D. Ally, J. Tyerman, N. Cecchini, & J. Bull, 2014. Challenges in predicting the evolutionary maintenance of a phage transgene. J Biol Eng 8:21p

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3. Roitberg, B, E. Mondor, J. Tyerman. 2003. Pouncing spider, flying mosquito: Blood acquisition increases predation risk in mosquitoes. Behav Ecol 14: 736-40

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1. Roitberg, B, I. Robertson, J. Tyerman. 1999. Vive la variance: A functional oviposition theory for insect herbivores. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 91: 187-94


Feel free to contact me for .pdf versions of these papers.

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