Are we a good fit?

It’s important that there is a good fit between me and my clients. Here are some of my  thoughts on assessing goodness of fit.

In an ideal relationship, the client:

  • Is a leader in biotechnology or life sciences industry. She may not work for a biotech company, but she is involved or affiliated with the biotech industry in some capacity.
  • Is facing a key challenge involving his data, data systems, or work culture around data. He knows their company is not getting the most from their data, and that it is time for some strategy and further investment.
  • Is a decision maker and she is motivated to maximize the value of the solution during  our engagement. This is not necessarily the same thing as minimizing the cost of the solution during our engagement.
  • Recognizes that his situation is likely to differ from other situations, and will require some diagnosis on my part before jumping into a solution.
  • Is prepared to describe the problem or challenge she is facing.
  • Is not simply looking for a pair of hands to execute a self-prescribed task list.

And I can offer my best work when:

  • The engagement starts at high-level with strategy and advice, and transitions to the execution of customized data science deep dives, projects or analyses.
  • The client’s problem is best tackled by a combination of my background in experimental biology, my experience in synthetic biology, and my expertise in developing assays, workflows and data pipelines & systems to support decision making in industry.
  • The situation can benefit from an outside perspective, and a diagnosis that is not affiliated with specific enterprise solutions or products.
  • I use data to test and support a client’s intuitions about their science and process & business.

If these ideas resonate with you, then we just might be a good fit and you should get in touch.


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Jabus Tyerman

Data science consulting

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