About me

I am an independent consultant in biostatistics, data science and technical computing. I am based in Sacramento, CA with clients across North America. I have a M.Sc. in ecology from Simon Fraser University, a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from the University of British Columbia, and a postdoc from the University of Idaho. During my Ph.D.… Read More

7 Rules for Spreadsheets and Data Preparation for Analysis and Machine Learning

With the hype of deep learning neural nets, and machine learning algorithms, it’s easy to forget that most of the work in data science involves accessing and preparing data for analysis.  Indeed, not all data is Kaggle-ready. The reality is: data is often far from perfect. Do your consultant (and budget) a favor and follow… Read More

Academic Publications

  12. Schmerer, M., I. Molineux, D. Ally, J. Tyerman, N. Cecchini, & J. Bull, 2014. Challenges in predicting the evolutionary maintenance of a phage transgene. J Biol Eng 8:21p 11. Tyerman, J., J. Ponciano, P. Joyce, L. Forney, L. Harmon, 2013. The evolution of antibiotic susceptibility and resistance during the formation of Escherichia coli… Read More

Auditing your R magrittr data pipeline

Originally published July 22, 2016 (github -> https://github.com/jabus/givR) How do you audit the objects in your R data analysis pipeline? Given a dataframe object and a series of piped operations, (how) can you observe the intermediate objects that result from each operation in the pipeline? First, prepare your analysis environment by loading some useful libraries:… Read More