About me

I am a consultant in data science, with a focus on automating statistical workflows, database design to support data science activities, machine learning and predictive modeling, exploratory analyses and technical computing. I have extensive experience in biotechnology If your company wants to design and implement a  strategy to leverage data in your decision making, I… Read More

Academic Publications

  12. Schmerer, M., I. Molineux, D. Ally, J. Tyerman, N. Cecchini, & J. Bull, 2014. Challenges in predicting the evolutionary maintenance of a phage transgene. J Biol Eng 8:21p 11. Tyerman, J., J. Ponciano, P. Joyce, L. Forney, L. Harmon, 2013. The evolution of antibiotic susceptibility and resistance during the formation of Escherichia coli… Read More

Auditing your R magrittr data pipeline

Originally published July 22, 2016 (github -> https://github.com/jabus/givR) How do you audit the objects in your R data analysis pipeline? Given a dataframe object and a series of piped operations, (how) can you observe the intermediate objects that result from each operation in the pipeline? First, prepare your analysis environment by loading some useful libraries:… Read More